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Is 2021 When Everybody Starts A Blog?

The over 40-year-old crowd are increasingly creating an online presence and businesses with blogs

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We’ll leave TikTok to the kids. The over 40 crowd are taking over the blogosphere instead… and they’re so smart to do so.

Blogging is definitely not dead in 2021. Instead, it’s flourishing as people find themselves with more time to surf the ‘net. Staying at home more, we’re looking for new solutions to problems we never had before. Like how to make sourdough bread from scratch. Or how to redecorate your home on a dime.

A change in consumer lifestyle opened up new opportunities for bloggers and anybody else who could start an online business. It’s what led me to start my own as well.

A New Business, A New Blog

I started my blog coaching business in 2020, after years of working in public relations and marketing. Following a short hiatus where I balanced freelance work and motherhood, I decided it was time to take my other passion — blogging- and transform it into a business.

The inquiries started in mid-2020. All of a sudden there was an influx of people looking for help in starting their very own blog. They found me on my Suburban Tourist lifestyle blog, where I was sharing blogging tips as well.

This hybrid approach on my existing blog wasn’t working. After some deliberations with my husband, I decided it was time to start a new site — — for the blog coaching business.

Going through the process of creating a business site, with a blog as a promotional tool, was the perfect experience for somebody who found herself teaching others to do the same.

The Over 40 Crowd Is Dominating Blogs

As I started lining up new clients, I found the same story beginning to emerge. “I used to work 9 to 5. I got laid off, and I wanted to start my own business. So I’m focusing on beginning this site to promote it.”

Almost every new client I was onboarding was over the age of 40.

Being over 40 as well, I can relate to their circumstances. The world out there was always leaning towards ageism when it came to certain fields. Even in 2018, there were alarms of ageism in the Canadian workforce. Ageism has been likened to the most tolerated type of social prejudice.

I have to say I agree with this statement. I’ve witnessed it first-hand with family and friends struggling to find jobs after “temporary” lay-offs due to the pandemic.

Our current pandemic lockdowns have been a great excuse for companies to phase out older workers.

Being older, with higher pay grades, many saw their jobs chopped in 2020 to be replaced a few months later by fresh-out-of-college newbies that could work for a quarter of our salary.

It’s no wonder there’s a huge growth in solopreneurs, focusing on online services and products.

Choosing Blogs Over Social Media Is A Smart Move

All of my clients realized that a blog would be the best way to promote their business.

Kudos to them for figuring that out. While younger generations look to Instagram, TikTok or YouTube to be “influencers” with lucrative sponsorships, the older folks are creating something over which they have control.

Of course, there’s a big learning curve to create a well-written blog post with content that’s valuable to target audiences. Or how to build an email newsletter community that results in clients and customers.

Yet, they’re in control. They aren’t dealing with social media algorithm changes as much that make it increasingly difficult to get to their audiences. They’re instead learning how to promote on Pinterest — one of the most popular sources of inspiration and tips — effectively.

They know how to tap into Instagram when needed if their audience is there. One of my clients is making Instagram reels daily, attracting clients for her spiritual life coaching business.

They’re also very dedicated to learning and making their businesses a success. All of their professional experience and skills are now being adapted to building a promotional platform they manage and servicing their own clients.

The World Has Changed, And So Have We

In the long run, this older crowd of online entrepreneurs will be better off with either a full-time hustle or a side-hustle that brings in a decent income than desperately searching for a full-time job.

After all, the world has changed. People want solutions to new problems, that perhaps were once old problems that older people can solve because they know things. These are things that newer generations have never done themselves (like baking sourdough bread or any bread for that matter from scratch), or were never exposed to before.

Even after life eventually returns to “normal”, how people live their lives will be vastly different. Many find themselves perfectly fine with life at home, with coaching and other services performed online. We’re finding we’re OK with it.

So we’ll see more blogs and online businesses popping up in 2021 as the pandemic continues and lockdowns come and go.

It’s a brave new world for the over 40 crowd, and I’m sure they’ll be just fine.

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